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myDMX DMX Gerätebibliothek Profil für Laserworld CS-2000RGB MKII myDMX DMX Gerätebibliothek Profil für Laserworld CS-2000RGB MKII Beliebt


To import these presets to your myDMX software, it is NOT sufficient to just use the import feature of the Library Editor, as this Preset Pack includes the preview icons of the very laser effects. Due to this it is essential that you stick to these installation instructions:

- Identify the installation path of your myDMX installation, maybe it is

- Copy the whole folder named "ScanLibrary" that is included in this package to this installation path. Windows might ask you if you want to integrate the folder into the existing one. If you haven't installed any other presets for Laserworld Club Series units yet, this should not substitute any existing files.

- Open your Library Editor and check if you can locate the Club Series units in the ScanLibrary/Laserworld folder.
Watch out: There may already be some generic "presets" for the Club Series units. The new ones that come with this installations have these names:


The fixture presets are provided as .ssl2 files

The generic presets, that usually come together with the software, do not necessarily contain the pattern icons and do not provide detailed control of the very effects channels. This package does.

If everything seems to be correct, you can start over with using the fixture presets for your show.

Have fun!

Laserworld (Switzerland) AG is not responsible nor liable for these fixture presets. Use at own risk. The fixture presets are provided as-is without any guarantee.

Copyright for icon pictures 2018 Laserworld (Switzerland) AG
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