Tires / rubber

Tires are a crucial, safety relevant part of any vehicle with wheels. Therefore tire inspections need to be carried out professionally.
Our Vulcan lasers help to visualize the wear of a tire and show any damages to the profile or the whole tire. There are different options of how a Vulcan laser can be used for tire inspections: A normal visual inspection by a mechanic is possible, but also a combination with optical sensors can be implemented - for automated tire inspection processes.

The advantages of our Vulcan laser for tire inspections are:
  • a constant projection intensity and quality
  • good visibility
  • different laser colors available for different applications
  • line laser, multi-line lasers or matrices (etc.) are available
If a tire is retreaded, it is essential that the new profile is exactly in place, so no unbalance occurs and the tire runs in track. The Vulcan line lasers can help for a perfect positioning of the profile on the tire blank. It marks the edges of the new profile to be attached, so the worker or the amchine can place it at the very position.
Usually sevelar line lasers are used for indicating the work area.

Tire retreading means re-newing a used tire by rotary cutting the old, worn profile off and adding a new profile after that. This process is often used for truck tires, but for car tires too. The tire blank and the profile are combined using vulcanizing technology. During the process of aligning the profile to the blank (prior to the vulcanization), the Vulcan line lasers are used for the positioning.


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