Free ILDA Laser Software - what's the secret behind?

The Laserworld Showeditor has been very successfully released end of 2015. Even though there have been previous versions of the Showeditor (2007, 2011, etc), it has not been distributed for more than three years. 

There have been many changes to the industry in the meantime and the features of the products have been improved since. So there was the idea to publish a free version of the Laserworld Showeditor ILDA software to allow for the export of ILDA files for the use with SD-card playback laser systems or for easy interchanging of files between different laser show software.

The Showeditor FREE can be downloaded here:

I drew a short graph showing how the Showeditor FREE can be used in combination with SD-card capable laser systems, like the Laserworld PRO-800RGB or the Laserworld PRO-1600RGB

infograph showeditor free laser software




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