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Blog Introduction

Welcome to my laser blog! This blog will be filled on a - more or less - regular basis with all kinds of different topics that maybe aren't worth official press releases or are a bit off topic. This blog will usually be maintained and written by myself. If one of my colleagues posts here, the post will be marked with the respective initials.

Laser Blog, all about laser lights around the world

RSS Newsfeeds - what's that?

RSS Newsfeeds (RSS = Really Simple Syndication) are a great was of staying informed about important topics. Most people only think that Twitter, Facebook or similar social media channels are the only way to stay pro-actively informed about news. But there is another way, a type of technology that was established many years ago already (since beginning of 2000), the RSS Newsfeeds.
These Newsfeeds provide up to date information directly from websites. It is possible to aggregate Newsfeeds from many different websites with a so called "RSS Reader" (e.g., so all News can be read on one page - similar to an online-newspaper.
Google ran a service called "Google Reader" until second half of 2013 and then discontinued the service.
Laserworld also offers different RSS Feeds on their page. Youc an not only get the latest news from our main page via RSS feed, but also the products special deals and some other information.

See the RSS Feeds from Laserworld here:

Main News RSS feed: (overview) (feed link)

Special Deals RSS feed:

This pages (Blog) RSS feed:

Latest added products RSS feed:

As you can see, Laserworld provides the most important data as data feed. There are also apps for mobile phones that can be used as feed aggregators, like (examples only):
For iOS (free version): Feeddler -
For Android (free version): Feedly -


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