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Blog Introduction

Welcome to my laser blog! This blog will be filled on a - more or less - regular basis with all kinds of different topics that maybe aren't worth official press releases or are a bit off topic. This blog will usually be maintained and written by myself. If one of my colleagues posts here, the post will be marked with the respective initials.

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The former Garden Series has been transformed to the new Garden Star product range. New product models and new technical developments:

Garden Star LED is a combined effect of grating laser and four strong 3W multi color LEDs.  
GS 80RG LED 014 GS 80RG LED 023

The Garden StarWhite Star goes even further: It can even do a white starry sky effect:
GS 400RGB W Beam 002 GS 400RGB W Beam 009

More details and videos on

Customer Warning for Poland:

Music Store Poznań (Music Store Sp. Z o.o., is no official distributor of products manufactured and exclusively distributed by the Laserworld Group, which explicitly covers the brands Laserworld, tarm, SwissLas, RTI (Ray Technologies) and Showeditor.

Music Store Poznań illegally uses brand names, pictures and texts which Laserworld holds copyright for.

Due to the fact that Music Store Sp. Z o.o. does not have the right to use our intellectual property, is blocked from sourcing from Laserworld and does not remove the product listings from their website, even though they have been given the last deadline for this at 23.11.2016, we must assume that this behavior of Music Store Poznań is with fraudulent background.

We warn every customer to buy any Laserworld Products from Music Store Poznań. They are not able to legally deliver you any products!

Polish customers can contact our Polish Office for further information and to find legal sources for Laserworld products (there are many suppliers in Poland)


Ostrzeżenie dla klientów z Polski:

Firma Music Store Poznań (Music Store Sp. z o.o.,, nie jest oficjalnym dystrybutorem produktów marki Laserworld, których producentem i wyłącznym dystrybutorem jest Grupa Laserworld. Obejmuje to w szczególności marki tj. Laserworld, tarm, Swisslas, RTI (Ray Technologies) oraz marki Showeditor.
Sklep Music Store Poznań nielegalnie używa nazwy ww. marek, zdjęć oraz tekstów, do których firma Laserworld posiada pełne prawa autorskie obowiązujące na całym świecie.

Ze względu na fakt braku praw do wykorzystywania naszej własności intelektualnej, firma Music Store Poznań (Music Store Sp. z o.o), utraciła możliwość zaopatrzenia się w produkty dystrybuowane poprzez Grupę Laserworld jak i również utraciła oficjalną autoryzację do oferowania naszych produktów na swojej stronie internetowej jak i innych portalach internetowych pośredniczących w sprzedaży w imieniu Firmy Music Store Poznań (Music Store Sp. z o.o.).

Firma Music Store Poznań (Music Store Sp. z o.o.). otrzymała oficjalny termin usunięcia z oficjalnej oferty wszystkich produktów marki Laserworld do dnia 23.11.2016 roku. Pomimo naszego wezwania, termin ten został zignorowany, w związku z tym, trzeba założyć, że działalność firmy Music Store Poznań (Music Store Sp. z o.o.) posiada podłoże oszustwa.

Tym samym ostrzegamy wszystkich klientów przed zakupem produktów marki Laserworld w sklepie Music Store Poznań. Sklep Music Store Poznań nie posiada legalnej możliwości sprzedaży produktów marki Laserworld!

Wszystkich klientów z Polski zapraszamy do kontaktu z naszym oficjalnym biurem Laserworld Polska ( Na oficjalnej stronie umieszczone są oficjalne informacje dot. naszych produktów jak i również informacje na temat sklepów, które posiadają oficjalną autoryzacje na sprzedaż produktów marki Laserworld.


Important customer Information for our German customers:

Wichtige Kundeninformation zu Warmarkt:

Die Firma Vantage GmbH, welche die Webseite "Warmarkt" betreibt, ist KEIN offizieller Händler für Produkte der Laserworld Gruppe.
Weder beliefern wir Warmarkt bzw die Vantage GmbH, noch wird dieses Unternehmen von uns Ware erhalten.
Es kann nicht ausgeschlossen werden, dass betrügerische Absichten bestehen, da auf Aufforderungen unsererseits zur Entfernung der Produkte aus dem Sortiment nicht reagiert wurde. Daher besteht Verdacht auf Betrug oder Betrugsversuch!

Die Vantage GmbH besteht erst seit Kurzen. Die Eintragung im Handelsregister erfolgte am 07.11.2016 (!!!)

Das Registergericht von Hanau, bei dem die Vantage GmbH registriert ist, weist für den 22.11.2016 eine Veränderung des Gesellschaftsvertrags auf.
Der Gegenstand des Unternehmens soll nun sein:
Bewachung, Ordnerdienste, Fahrdienste, Servicekraft, Dienstleistung, Kurierdienste, Transport und Kleintransport, Sanierungsarbeiten, Garten- und Landschaftsbau, Facility Management, Lagerlogistik, Lagermitarbeiter, Onlineverkauf von Elektroartikeln, Unterhaltungsgeräten und Haushaltswaren.

Wir möchten an dieser Stelle nochmals eindringlichst davor warnen Waren, die durch die Laserworld Gruppe hergestellt werden, bei Warmarkt zu bestellen.
Bitte wenden Sie sich bei Rückfragen zu Warmarkt und dem aktuellen Status der rechtlichen Auseinandersetzung an unsere Zentrale!

Quelle für Handelsregisterinformation: Öffentliche Bekanntmachungen auf


As I struggled for some days to download the latest version of the Coherent PowerMax USB PC software, I called Coherent to find out that the whole software download section for their products was moved due to their new website. So the relevant data ended up on a page somewhere in nowhere, blocked by robots.txt, so Google wasn't able to index it.
So if you're also on the search for software for Coherent measurement devices, here you can download Software for PowerMax, ModeMaster, LaserCheck, PowerMax-Pro, WaveMaster, LabMax-Pro, LaserCam, etc:


The demand for reliable, branded lasers is rising:
I just want to give you a quick glimpse on what we're preparing for shipment next week: Hundreds of POS pallet displays equipped with the latest development - the Xmas Series. You haven't heard of it yet? Follow our website the next days to find out more.

So thousands of lasers will ship next week, and thousands will follow the weeks after.

laser pos displays

And not only Xmas lasers are shipping in huge quantities, but many more! Have you checked out the latest Laserworld EL-230RGB already?


There are many technical terms and abbreviations in our show laser light industry, which are sometimes difficult to guess or figure out if you're not from the industry. So we extended our laser glossary / dictionary / definitions page with further terms and abbreviations. It is available in English and German.

English Laser Glossary:

Deutsches Laser Glossar:


So there was a laser performance with the use of a laser harp controller, in German called "Laserharfe", at the German TV Show "Das Supertalent" tonight. Ralf Schink even entered the second round of the show, the so called "recall". (

A laser harp ("Laserharfe") is a really nice tool for artistic performances. See more here:


The International Laser Display Association - abbreviated ILDA - has turned 30 years yesterday.

Congratulations and thank you for the efforts during the past years!

The show laser industry has changed a lot in the last years and the change process is still ongoing. It's not always easy for an industry association to cope with such tremendous changes to a market. So even though some ILDA members are looking back to the "good ol' times", the new laser show market brings up new challenges: It's hard for an industry association to be loved by everyone, as all members are more or less competitors as well. But this is the nature of such an association, and the major challenge is to represent the general interest of the industry to governments and authorities in the countries of the members. 

Patrick Murphy, the present ILDA Exectutive Director, does a pretty good job in gathering all the different input, so thanks for that as well.

The Laserworld Group is ILDA member with all their companies as brands, so associated are Laserworld (Switezrland) AG, Laserworld USA Inc., HB-Laser, tarm, SwissLas - and many more, see on

ILDA blue logo with MEMBER 75w



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