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Blog Introduction

Welcome to my laser blog! This blog will be filled on a - more or less - regular basis with all kinds of different topics that maybe aren't worth official press releases or are a bit off topic. This blog will usually be maintained and written by myself. If one of my colleagues posts here, the post will be marked with the respective initials.

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There are many interesting things and new product ranges upcoming, but we already started to grow our webshop: The Components that were listed on till now, are integrated to our main shop. This makes it easier to navigate. As there will be more components available very soon, this was an important step for us to become your one-stop supplier for all (show) laser related products.

There are Laserworld, RTI and SwissLas components available for now, but more HB-Laser components will follow very soon. Come back in some days and you'll see more accessories, more components and more multi media items.

We also extended our stock, so even more products are available off the shelf - just have a look around:

Laser Components:
We just set up a dealer area for our dealers & distribution partners. Go to our webshop ( and log in with your customer data. Then a new menu item shows up ("dealer"). In this area we already provide the dwnload of our picture kit as well as information on our product data feeds. There is much more dealer info to come very soon, I'll keep you updated here. We'll soon add logos, artwork and templates.

If you're already logged in you may directly access the dealer area here:
Product-picture-set-download small
We are working hard to provide information about our products and solutions for all our customers around the world. So we just improved our french language page at . This webiste now provides product information as well as general info texts in French.
As we have French native speakers as key account managers for this market, it's a great opportunity to get in contact with customers and laser users. Despite English being the most widely spread language for international business, the number of French speaking people is quite high. This also applies for Spanish or Portugese, so we're just improving those websites too.

Lutz Bartl, Martin Werner and Harald Bohlinger after signing the merger

This definitely means a significant impact to the market: HB-Laserkomponenten GmbH merged with the Laserworld Group.

There are great opportunities and great synergy effects in many business areas: Not only in the manufacturing processes of show laser light systems, but also in business administration, purchase, logistics, marketing, sales etc.. HB-Laser also adds their knowledge and experience in planning and implementation of laser shows and multimedia shows of any size.
And there are many more positive aspects.

I personally am more than happy that we could do this step forward. Laserworld gained more and more market share and importance in the industry, so it's great to have another successful company on board.
You, the customers, will have the major benefit in the end: We will drive development further, optimize processes and automate production more and more.
Stay tuned for more news - and great offers!

Read the official press releases here:



Laserworld and it's subsidiaries are continuously growing and expanding. So we do in the United States: Our subsidiary Laserworld USA did two huge festivals in the past two weeks - together with our US show partner Lasertainment (

At EDC Las Vegas (Electric Daisy Carnival) 30 lasers were used at the main stage. At Coachella there was a similar sized setup.
Both events are extremely huge, so the stage at EDC Las Vegas was about 130m wide and over 30m high - what extreme dimensions!


The first samples of the new Scannermax Compact 506 were already shown to me last year, and the performance looked already very promising at that time. Pangolin improved the ScannerMax since then and our RTI and SwissLas drivers can even get more out of them. As the integration with our drivers was so successful, we decided to offer the Pangolin ScannerMax as upgrade options for most of our SwissLas lasers as well as for many RTI products.

The Pangolin ScannerMax are a good compromise, if you want better performance than the standard scanners, but don't need the high end solution like with CT scanners.

We added some more explanation of these new scanners to Pangolin Europe:


The past weeks were very busy: We launched the new website with a new shop system and we did the same for our US subsidiary, Laserworld USA ( Our US office moved to a bigger building, next to Orlando, with bigger storage, so orders can be processed eben more efficiently.
In addition to that, we improved our Pangolin-Europe Website ( and added improved shopping features to it - the same for Pangolin India (

And of course the new launch of the Diode Series resulted in a good increase in requests, so the sales team as well as the production  did some extra work - thanks for that!
There are more news for the Diode Series upcoming, so stay tuned for more news!
The "Europäische Sommerlounge" (engl: European Summer Lounge) takes place in Pforzheim (near Stuttgart) every year. Laserworld supported this event in the past with laser shows and we'd like to give you a heads up on what to expect there this year. As the event takes place in Germany, let's continue in German:

Die Europäische Sommerlounge ist eine Art Festival, das im Schlosspark Pforzheims stattfindet und in die Stadkulisse integriert ist. Das Angebot umfasst nicht nur musikalische Darbietungen verschiedener Genres, sondern auch Poetry Slams, Improvisationstheater und Kurzfilmdarbietungen der Filmakademie.
Die Europäische Sommerlounge spricht Besucher jeden Alters an und dürfte für Pforzheim auch in 2014 wieder ein Highlight werden.

Die Europäische Sommerlounge findet dieses Jahr statt

vom 10.-13.07.2014
im Schlosspark Pforzheim


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