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Welcome to my laser blog! This blog will be filled on a - more or less - regular basis with all kinds of different topics that maybe aren't worth official press releases or are a bit off topic. This blog will usually be maintained and written by myself. If one of my colleagues posts here, the post will be marked with the respective initials.

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Like every year, Ozzy Lino attended Prolight & Sound and also stopped by at our booth. We had some drinks together, in the picture below some "Sweet RGB Dreams":

Ozzy Lino at Prolight&Sound Musikmesse 2016, tube performance

And about two hours later, Ozzy Lino jammed with two ladies in the tube / subway on his way back to the hotel - and bang! - went viral on youtube!
Great voice and a really nice guy!

Great one, #OzzyLino! 

However, the video is wrong in one point: He was not at Musikmesse, but at Prolight&Sound :-)

See you there next year!

Visit Ozzy Lino here:

#subwaysession #subwayjam #tubesession #tubejam

Ozzy Lino at Laserworld


The CS-2000RGB has been a great selling product for many years. I frequently used it for testing purposes, although I do have access to much more professional unit. In fact, I liked the straigh-forward setup and the balance - and it was well suitable for testing purposes, as it was super low priced - so if testing lead to destroyed scanners or some messed up diodes, the fix was affordable.
A new chapter opens with the new CS-2000RGB MKII: It's analog modulated, and this makes the whole unit much greater as it already was: With the anlog modulation, up to 16 million colors become possible.
But this is only one reason why I definitely appreciate the new version. Another one is the mounting bracket: With the new solution, the laser can be mounted in an upright position on top of a tripod (e.g. using a TV pin/spigotm, which is awesome if you use the laser mobile.

cs 2000mkii fr

We just published an update on the LAserworld Showeditor FULL and the Laserworld Showeditor FREE, that provides extended support for the ILDA file export. It eases the use of ILDA files with built-in SD-card playback systems.

Get the update now:

Since tarm has joined the Laserworld Group, a lot of development work happende in the background. Especially the close cooperation with RTI lead to a completely new product range, that was especially designed for substituting teh RTI FEMTO and RTI ATTO systems and to match or even beat the price point of the Pure Micro lasers. 

When I tested the first prototypes, I was very impressed by the beam specification, the scanning but most impressed by the browser interface for the system configuration. The touch pads on the NANO, PIKO and FEMTO systems were already great - but the browser interface brings even more ease to the general pre-show setup and even allows for modifications during a show.
Configuring the lasers wuith my mobile phone worked like a charm: 

tarm with browser interface on mobile

More on the tarm products:

See the product video here:


The Laserworld Garden Series products are primarily no designed for professional show use, however they are a great gadget for the use in the garden, at parties, Halloween, Thanksgiving and as Christmas decoration. So this product is not only interesting to laserists, but to pretty much everybody.
Since last month we offer palletized point of sale displays, each equipped with 16 lasers of the Garden Series. The display is sized 60 x 40 x 180 cm, so itˋs base size is a quarter Euro pallet.

If youˋre interested, please mail me:

Laserworld POS display Garden Series fl
   Laserworld POS display Garden Series front


The Laserworld Showeditor has been very successfully released end of 2015. Even though there have been previous versions of the Showeditor (2007, 2011, etc), it has not been distributed for more than three years. 

There have been many changes to the industry in the meantime and the features of the products have been improved since. So there was the idea to publish a free version of the Laserworld Showeditor ILDA software to allow for the export of ILDA files for the use with SD-card playback laser systems or for easy interchanging of files between different laser show software.

The Showeditor FREE can be downloaded here:

I drew a short graph showing how the Showeditor FREE can be used in combination with SD-card capable laser systems, like the Laserworld PRO-800RGB or the Laserworld PRO-1600RGB

infograph showeditor free laser software



The Laserworld Showeditor software has been in the market for quite some time until it has been discontinued in 2012. Now, in 2015, there is a new, fresh version of Laserworld Showeditor available again. A lot has been improved - especially the manuals have been rewiorked from scratch and there are new video tutorials. The philosophy of Showeditor is different to some of the other laser software programs in the market, but this has several advantages.
The software is not a beta release, it is fully grown and has been developed over the past years. It is continuously improved. The past versions of Showeditor came with a USB interface - the Showeditor 2015 comes standard with the ShowNET interface - a LAN/network interface with playback feature. The LAN connection helps a lot if it comes to longer wiring distances, where the ILDA cable is pretty limited.

It's a great choice for live laser shows as well as for timeline laser shows - both show types can be handled with Laserworld Showeditor. Touch screens are supported, so using the live show interface with a touch screen allows for very easy show control. And of course it's possible to use a MIDI or DMX controller for remote controlling the software.
I suggest to check out the software:
here is also a support forum on that page, where questions and problems arediscussed and solutions are published.

In general it is strongly recommended to have a closer look at the tutorials and videos before you try to getting started:


Spectacular lighting effects become possible with the new Laserworld BeamBars. I tested them in several venues, and the effect is great! it of course makes sense to use several units, instead of only one or two, to extend the effect. There are different models available: Different colors and different power levels allow for venue specific designs and setups. And the price point is great, combined to many (or most?) similar solutions in the market.



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