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B2B Info Center

Welcome to the virtual Laserworld B2B Info Center

Here you find all information regarding our business relationship. There are different filkes available for download, including pricelists, the product data feed, and different sales supporting marketing material.
If you're missing any information here, please contact or +41-71-6778080 for help.

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RMA Center
Logo-Laserworld-Vektor 500p

The Laserworld RMA Center is located in Lützen near Leipzig. The qualified team members deal with repairs and complaints throughout the European countries.

An extensive stock of spare parts in Leipzig makes it possible to repair customers’ devices quickly. Thus they are ready for operation within a very short period.S1310025 web 350

Besides the service points in Switzerland, China and the USA the RMA Center in Leipzig provide assistance with the repairs of lasers and third-party products as well as with the alignment of laser systems. Furthermore cleaning services,  modifications and upgrades for Laserworld are conducted.
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Laserworld ASIA Co., Ltd.
Logo-Laserworld-ASIA---VEKTOR---A-frei 300

The subsidiary Laserworld ASIA Co., Ltd. is placed in the high-tech industrial park of a modern district of Shenzhen at the border to Hong Kong. The office is charged with customer support and sales of the German and Swiss made high end laser systems under the RTI and SwissLas label on the Chinese market. Furthermore our Shenzhen office IMAG0280 websells OEM / ODM products which are shipped worldwide.

The location features a large stock of rental devices and mainly acts in large event business. Numerous representative large-scale projects were already conducted in the past. At first the Chinese experts therefore work on a concept together with the specialists of Germany and Switzerland as well as the customer. The incidental implementation and realization of the events is carried out in close cooperation with the customer and other involved parties.
The modern equipped offices of the subsidiary comprise an own showroom which is available for live presentations.

Appointments being set by arrangement.

Click here for information about the Laserworl ASIA team.

IMAG0251 web

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Laserworld USA Inc.

Located in the pulsating metropolis New York in the heart of Manhattan, the Laserworld USA Inc. is charged with sales, support and event organization for the American, Canadian, Mexican and the Caribbean market.
office usa 02 web
Manufacturing and marketing are conducted exclusively by the Swiss headquarters. For that a continuous exchange of information takes place.

An own stock in the USA enables prompt delivery times. In addition a huge rental stock was built up in 2012. Hence also the North and Central American market may be supplied within a short while. But even if Laserworld has to ship systems from the Swiss rental pool an immediate delivery is guaranteed. Adjacent to the dry hire system, Laserworld provides the possibility of project planning or complete event organization and realization, too.

Furthermore the US company holds a service point, which is able to conduct repairs of lasers and third-party products, cleanings as well as alignment services.

The US office also has got a showroom for laser presentation. Visitors are welcome, appointments are possible by arrangement.

office usa 06

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Laserworld UK Ltd.
Logo Laserworld UK  frei mese web

Laserworld UK Ltd. was set up in March 2012 by Denis Phoenix as UK Sales Director for the growth and expansion in the UK market and the high demand for products of Laserworld. Due to early business development Gerry Frost joined as UK Sales Consultant in October 2012 to help and support business expansion in the South of England.

With the office being situated in Altrincham, South of Manchester this acts as an ideal central location to the whole of the UK and Ireland. Besides sales and support for Great Britain and Ireland the UK operation now comprises the event production and installation sector as well as retail and through Laserworld’s sales and rental stocks is looking forward to the futur.

Customers will get appointments by arrangement.

Click here to find information about the Laserworld UK team.
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SwissLas (Güller AG)
S1310010 web 225
The Güller AG is a member of the Laserworld Group and exclusive manufacturing partner of the Laserworld (Switzerland) AG for years. The company is situated in Würenlos near Zurich in Switzerland and comprises the departments development, manufacturing, planning, after sales service, construction and quality control.
In the beginning SwissLas constructed high precision diode arrays for Laserworld whose technology could have been continuously improved. Corresponding to the success and expansion of Laserworld SwissLas also has experienced constant growth. By now SwissLas is an outstanding distributor for the Laserworld (Switzerland) AG.

Since 2011 the company has been manufacturing the high end systems of the Pure Micro, Pure Sapphire compact, Purelight compact and the SwissLas high end series. In addition SwissLas produces laser components and diode modules, for which specially developed advanced beam shaping technology and collimation are used. This ensures a great beam precision and beam power together with a uniform beam profile and brilliance. Further the devices are characterized by their small and compact housings.
The SwissLas systems are exclusively distributed by the Laserworld (Switzerland) AG and maintains no own distribution.

S1310002 web 225
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Ray Technologies GmbH (RTI)
IMG 5129 web 1The Ray Technologies GmbH (RTI) located in Valley near Munich in Upper Bavaria became a subsidiary of the Laserworld (Switzerland) AG and therefore a member of the Laserworld Group in 2011. The company’s working area lies in the high end show laser technology. RTI not only limits itself to the development and manufacturing of show laser systems but also is engaged in the fabrication of laser systems for medical technology and aerospace. The RTI employees are composed of experts of the optics, IT and mechanical engineering scope.

The GmbH complements Laserworld in the high end laser range. Moreover it assists the Swiss headquarters in large events, rental business and installations. All in all RTI comprises the sectors research, development and manufacturing. The German rental pool of RTI offers devices for a variety of requirements.

The laser systems produced of Ray Technologies are sold by Laserworld under the (product) label RTI and involve the RTI PIKO, RTI NANO RGB, RTI NANO AT, RTI NANO Rainbow, RTI NANO Ultra and RTI Impression Moving Head Series. These systems with their specially manufactured housings and precise scanners as well as laser sources, which ensure brilliant sharpness, are especially designed for professional use on a high level and are exceedingly versatile in application.

IMG 5120 webAll RTI products are developed and manufactured in Valley and perfectly aligned to the customers’ requirements. This applies not only to current sources and high frequency drivers but also to optical components. A specifically developed cnc application makes it possible for Ray Technologies to implement prototypes and other missions quickly and straightforwardly.

Quality is RTI’s priority: the products are checked and optimized continuously. The fact that the RTI team works together with noted institutes as the German Technical Inspection Agency, universities and the high-tech industry may add to this.

RTI is official integrator of Coherent Taipan OPSL laser modules, for which special drivers are implemented to ensure highly accurate beam quality, beam stability and brightness.

Find information about our RTI team here.
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Laserworld (Switzerland) AG, headquarters

Gebäude Lengwil 01 - Kopie


The headquarters and administration of the Laserworld (Switzerland) AG are situated in Switzerland, south west of the Lake Constance, in Lengwil-Oberhofen. Ca. 35 employees work in the business areas planning, product development, manufacturing, marketing and sales.

The company’s objective are high-quality products. Therefore an own product development department is essential in order to provide innovations at a very high level to customers. The development sector consists of technicians, economists and product designers which constantly conceive new, groundbreaking products as well as continuously check, enhance and improve existing product series. For that it goes without saying that we determine the needs and wishes of our clients and even involve them into development processes to some extent. This enables us to create user-optimized products. The headquarters in Lengwil not only are responsible for the design of the Laserworld labeled products but also for the RTI and SwissLas labeled ones.

20130114 154605 web 225The development department of the Laserworld (Switzerland) AG also comprises a quality checkpoint which ensures a high level of quality assurance and advancement. This quality assurance is our mission – not only in case of our own products but also in case of synergetic third party products in Laserworld’s portfolio.  Thus also these are exactly checked in Switzerland.

The manufacturing department predominantly involves final construction, modifications and upgrades. In order to offer our customers optimal cost effectiveness, parts of our Laserworld labeled products (Ecoline, Evolution und Club Series) are fabricated in own production lines in China – according to our instructions. However the final construction is conducted in Switzerland so as to assure our quality standards. Certainly these products are also planned and defined in the Lengwil headquarters.

DSC 0687 web 225
A basic sector in Switzerland is the sales department. The worldwide distribution is operated from here, supported by a global network of distribution partners and dealers. The sales team covers a broad spectrum of foreign languages. This makes contact comfortable for international customers. Laserworld sells over 4.000 lasers per month, whereby it is possible to keep the prices down. Our stock comprises about 10.000 laser projectors. Therefore all models are available on short notice – even in larger number.

Also the large marketing department of Laserworld is situated in Lengwil. Websites, newsletters, texts, catalogues, flyers and brochures as well as videos and photos are exclusively created and published intern.

Furthermore a service point is part of the Swiss headquarters. This enables us to offer rapid assistance in needs of repairs or after sales services.    A huge stock of spare parts makes it possible to conduct repairs within a short while. Besides repairs of lasers and partially third party products we also provide cleaning and alignment services.
The Laserworld (Switzerland) AG holds a huge stock of laser rental units. The headquarters manage the core rental stock and ships the rental systems from Switzerland to the whole world. In addition to laser systems we also hire fog and haze machines, wind generators, water effects and pyro technique as well as hard- and software for laser control. Laserworld offers either dry hire service or complete event organization to attend, organize and realize multimedia projects according to the customer’s requirements. Our planning department has got skilled experts for the elaboration and realization of such projects.  If required we provide competent staff for the appliance of the rental systems and for the implementation of the multimedia show.

DSC 0696 web 225The Laserworld (Switzerland) AG also has got an entirely new designed large show room incl. bar for laser presentations on-site.

Customers’ visits at our headquarters are possible, appointments are given by prior arrangement.

Find our Swiss team here.

Visit our showroom at our headquarters in Lengwil (Switzerland) and get a real impression of the quality and power of our show laser light systems.
For details or an appointment please contact us via email:

  • 2x PM-1800RGB
  • 2x PL-6000RGB compact
  • 4x Piko RGB 8.0 (3x Grating)

  • 2x gauze
  • 1x water screen
  • 1x front projection screen

controlled via:
  • DSP
  • GrandMA
  • Pangolin
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Coherent Taipan OPSL Integrator Ray Technologies

Coherent Taipan OPSL Integrator Ray Technologies GmbH

Ray Technologies GmbH is a subsidiary of Laserworld (Switzerland) AG
and a member of the Laserworld Group

RTI-Logorgb 1

Ray Technologies GmbH (RTI), a subsidiary of Laserworld(Switzerland) AG, is official integrator for Coherent Taipan OPSL solutions.
OPSL stands for "Optically Pumped Semiconductor Laser" and is a technology patented by Coherent, USA. The OPSL technology is very advanced, as it provides extremely sharp beams and very good beam specifications. It is also available in many different colors, which makes it perfect for combinations in professional whitelight laser systems.

RTI manufactures the PIKO and NANO Series as advanced, professional show laser solutions. Most of these units come with at least one OPSL head. Often the green DPSS laser head is substituted by an OPSL solution, as the color linearity, stability and beam specifications of the OPSL are of outstanding quality and, in most cases, better than common DPSS laser heads.

Find more about the distributed brand Coherent:
>> Distributed Brand: Coherent OPSL Taipan >>

What does "certified integrator" mean?

Integrators for Coherent Taipal OPSL lasers are certified companies, that have developed, designed and created own driver electronics solutions for the OPSL laser heads provided by Coherent. As this technology is very advanced, it is not easy to develop proper electronics. To become an integrator, the driver has to pass an assessment test at Coherent. Only if the driver passes these difficult tests, it is officially certified to be used with Coherent Taipan OPSL laser heads.
The latest driver technology of Ray Technologies has been approved recently. It is not larger than a normal cigarette pack and thus perfect for using it in very compact laser systems - to generate enormous output power in limited space.


The technology:


OPSL laser heads are used in the following product series:

OPSL Taipan show laser


Combination of red and blue diode with OPSL green

OPSL Taipan show laser


All Taipan system, only OPSL heads used

OPSL Taipan show laser

RTI NANO Rainbow Series

Beautiful combination of red and blue diode with other colored OPSL. Extended color spectrum!

OPSL Taipan PIKO Show Laser


Very compact show laser, can hold up to two OPSL modules, but is also available as red-blue diode + green OPSL solution.

OPSL Taipan high power show laser



Extreme powers up to 600W in continuous wave mode!


Buy OPSL Laser modules

It's also possible to buy ready-integrated laser modules directly from Laserworld: They come with an original RTI driver - head and driver already adjusted and optimized.

buy OPSL Taipan Coherent laser modules

Coherent OPSL modules

Many different colors available: blue, cyan, green, yellow, orange, red, lime, mint, copper, etc.


Compare OPSL solutions by Ray Technologies and see the advantages

Compare the beam specifications of a standard DPSS laser with an advanced OPSL solution:

  • Enter the values given with the standard laser system
  • Enter the values of your RTI OPSL laser system - usually beam specs are 2.8mm/<0.9mrad full angle divergence
Page reloads after submission, please scroll down again to see the results:

{{ divergence }}

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Our Partner - Beijing New Space


Beijing NEW SPACE Ltd., as a pertner of Laserworldm has represented top-end European laser technology in China since 2008 and has henceforth provided laser shows for almost all large-scale international events in China, thereby promoting the use of lasers as an indispensible element for such prestigious shows.

NEW SPACE has in the past years cooperated with the top Chinese event companies, including BeiAo, HaoSi, several TV-Stations, etc. to provide numerous laser shows, including several multimedia spectacles in the Birdnest stadium that had just hosted the 2008 Olympics, a groundbreaking, huge show for the opening of the World Expo in Shanghai 2010 as well as a National Day show on central Beijing’s Tiananmen square and shows for the opening and closing of the Asia Games later in 2010. Laser shows were also part of the Shenzhen Universiade Student Olympics ceremonies in 2011 and the New Year’s TV show on Guiyang’s central square welcoming the New Year 2012.

shanghai signs


Through its efforts over the last four years, NEW SPACE has achieved a good market share for laser shows in “national level” projects (public projects at the highest level) and has gained valuable market insights. Currently, NEW SPACE is in involved in the planning of several upcoming large-scale events in China and abroad. Apart from its focus on the market for laser shows, NEW SPACE is also exploring further options to expand into other market segments to further increase the mutual benefit of an even closer cooperation with Laserworld.

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