Show laser and Laser show by Laserworld - lasershow, showlaser, laser display, entertainment laser, dj laser, club laser, laser rental, pangolin Thu, 18 Sep 2014 18:00:06 +0000 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb Leisuretec - Laserworld's new UK Partner Laserworld UK would like to introduce Leisuretec as their new official UK sub distributor.
Years of trading with a large portfolio of customers, a strong team in sales and marketing plus fantastic back up and support make them the perfect match for Laserworld UK due to increase and demand for Lasers.

Laserworld UK renowned for its excellent, reliable laser show products and technical support for installations, events and retail, can improve their service and support  through Leisuretec dealer network.

Denis Phoenix Sales Director of Laserworld comments: "This is natural progression for Laserworld UK with Leisuretec holding good stocks of Laserworld products ready for next day delivery at low shipping cost, so customers will get there products even faster than it already exists at competitive prices as a one stop distributor for lasers, software and accessories"

Another great advantage of this new cooperation is that Leisuretec offers a technical zone, which contains a state of the art conferencing room designed for customer training sessions, so a great base where we can even teach and train their customer base and Laserworld's existing customers.
Laserworld is looking forward to a great long-term partnership with Leisuretec.]]> (Super User) Laserworld News EN Fri, 12 Sep 2014 07:38:00 +0000
RTI Special - extra 10% for B2B

RTI SPECIAL extra 10% for B2B - valid only until 31.08.2014

Commercial customers get

10% extra discount on their existing discount rates

for ATTO, FEMTO, PIKO and NANO RGB products.

This means e.g.: if you got 20%, you now get 30%!!!!

You can see the prices when you log in to your B2B customer account on our website

RTI-Special-extra-discount]]> (Super User) Laserworld News EN Thu, 07 Aug 2014 15:40:37 +0000
EDC Las Vegas / 30 laser systems
edc las vegas banner
30 Laseworld laser systems at EDC Las Vegas main stage

Like every year, Las Vegas was also dominated by the three day mega event Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) in 2014. More than 400.000 music fans from all over the world celebrated a giant festival with the most popular DJs for electronic music on 8 stages. More than 30 high power laser systems from Laserworld Group were applied on the main stage, “Kinetic Field”. The Laser Shows were staged by Lasertainment, Laserworld’s partner, who was the exclusive supplier for laser show equipment on this stage. Insomniac Events realized the overall show production.

Laser Shows at a scale like EDC are quite a challenge – especially if time code synchronized as well as live operated systems is required. To get the most out of the high end laser systems, an individual control of every single unit was required. Lasertainment brought highly experienced laser show operators from Europe with many years of live stage experience to create the extraordinary show.

The RTI NANO and PIKO laser light systems were controlled with Lasergraph DSP controllers (one per each laser) and a Grand MA 2 live control. Besides that, a 60 minutes time code synchronized show for 9 DJ intros were implemented. As the Front of House was about 260 ft. from the stage, the whole laser control signal was transmitted with glass fiber, later on with CAT6 cables, to avoid any signal problems.

A good outdoor laser show requires well distributed fog or haze all over the area to create the most spectacular impressions. At EDC Las Vegas there were more than 60 fog/haze machines present at main stage to ensure sufficient effects support for the lasers.

Due to the very low humidity of only 5%, the continuous wind and the dust in the air the most durable systems for such conditions were requested. The whole show worked perfect, the setup was done in 2 days & nights. The two rehearsal days showed that all systems worked more than well.

Following :

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HB-Laser & Laserworld Group BREAKING NEWS:

HB-Laser merges with the Laserworld Group

Since July 2014 HB-Laserkomponenten GmbH is a part of the Laserworld Group and underlines Laserworld being the world leader in the field of manufacturing and distribution of show laser light systems.

Martin Werner, CEO at Laserworld, accompanied several partnerships and new start-ups with the Laserworld Group in the past years, where he sees an obvious trend: “In an increasingly difficult niche-market, consolidating is essential to configure in a way to be competitive and at the same time provide products that perfectly meet the requirements of the customers. Achieving this in such a specialized industry like ours is only possible with a strong team of highly qualified individuals; Laserworld provides the ideal framework for this!”

The company network already spans the whole world. The very companies maintain their independence, identity and brand structures, but can further focus on their core business fields. HB-Laser, one of the leading suppliers in German market perfectly fits this philosophy:

About 25 years ago, Harald Bohlinger founded HB-Laser and is undoubtedly one of the veteran companies in show laser light industry. The core competencies are not only the development and manufacturing of professional show laser light systems but also multi-media and laser show production services. The achievements and merits of HB-Laser have been awarded with over 32 national and international awards already.

The new structure of the Laserworld Group brings up promising, new potential. The already well-established marketing structures as well as the dense sales network of Laserworld become infused by HB-Laser’s long-year experience and knowledge on the technical level as well as with customer support in project planning and implementation of laser show and multi-media show productions. Further synergistic effects can also be achieved in many other areas, such as development, manufacturing, purchase, logistics and sales.

Lutz Bartl, CEO at HB Laser, expects more than one big step forward: “Despite substantial market changes in our industry over the past years, we at HB-Laser were always up to date with innovations; we drove them forward and developed new products and solutions. We also saw Laserworld completely changing the whole show laser light market in a very short time. We are now in the position to participate in this and increase our presence in the market and industry, the advantages for our customers are more than obvious! “

HB-Laser merges with Laserworld Group small]]> (Super User) Laserworld News EN Fri, 11 Jul 2014 07:38:47 +0000
Pangolin Scannermax available Brand new scanner product family: ScannerMax by Pangolin Systems – available for many Laserworld products now!

Pangolin ScannerMax is a brand new scanner system family created by Pangolin Systems. Scanner systems (Galvos) like these are used for rapidly deflecting a single laser beam to create patterns or effects. ScannerMax scanners are designed for industrial as well as show purposes, so there are a variety of possible applications. Especially the laser show industry requires professional and accurate scanner solutions: To create spectacular laser shows it is essential to deflect the laser beam extremely fast, so that the patterns, graphics and pictures projected don’t appear to be flickering.


Laserworld offers Pangolin ScannerMax galvos for many of their professional laser light systems, like for most SwissLas and several RTI units. The quality of the ScannerMax scanners is superior to the standard solution, so especially more professional users may want to go for the upgrade.

More ScannerMax solutions are in development at the moment, but the ScannerMax 506 is already available to a larger scale. It speeds at more than 35’000 pps at 8° (ILDA Standard) and can do a maximum scan angle of up to 80°! More professional users will appreciate the step response time at 2° optical with only 0.18msec and the great linearity of 99.8%.

For RTI products, Laserworld offers the ScannerMax Upgrade together with the high performance RayScan HP scanner driver. For SwissLas products, a special SwissLas scanner driver is used – with optimized tuning for the SwissLas laser systems.

Please find more details about the SwissLas upgrade options:

Please find more details about the RTI upgrade options:

More details about Pangolin ScannerMax systems:

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Henley Swim 2014

At the Henley Swim Classics in Henley-on-Thames, Great Britain the participants had to swim upstream the River Thames over a distance of about 2.1km. The swimmers started early in the morning in darkness and ended the tour in the sunrise.

Our friends of A.C Lasers used high power laser lights of RTI to light up the stretch.

Our thanks go to Daniel Briggs and A.C Lasers for providing these pictures!

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Laser above the city

News Banner Helsinki en 280x80

The single beam of a custom-made RTI NANO AT laser light installation can be seen every night above the longest direct street of Helsinki. It connects the city's observatory and the Kallio Church. Get more information here ...

On occasion of the celebrations of 135 years of electricity in Helsinki / Finland Laserworld  was asked to build up a high power laser light. This custom-made blue RTI NANO laser system ist only equipped with OPSL laser modules and has a total power of 15,000mW. It has been installed in a weather protective housing on the roof of Helsinki's obervatory. The single beam of RTI NANO connects the observatory with the Kallio Church at the end of the Unioninkatu, the longest direct street in Helsinki, and it can be seen every night. The distance between the obervatory and the church is about 3 kilometers.

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Guerilla Marketing in Hamburg

Guerilla Marketing Hamburg 280x80

Our colleagues started a Guerilla Marketing operation at the Congress Center Hamburg and used a RTI PIKO RGB 14 laser light for that. Use this link to get more information ...

Our show laser lights are very versatile. In Hamburg / Germany one RTI PIKO RGB 14 laser light has been used for a targeted Guerilla Marketing action. The guys chose the Congress Center Hamburg, a prominent building in the city, to project the company name of a big logistics company on the wall of the tower. For this action almost no preparation time was necessary. The RTI PIKO RGB 14 projected out of a Van.

{imageshow sl=41 sc=8 /}
Our thanks go to Bocatec for providing these amazing pictures:

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MLP Convention Berlin


About 2,800 employees of MLP got informed about company's new products and strategies and saw 8 different laser shows at the annual convention. Get more information here ...

About 2,800 employees of MLP have met at the Estrel Hotel & Convention Center in Berlin, one of the largest hotel and entertainment complexes in Europe, for their annual convention. The employees got informed about new products and strategies and the different parts of the presentation were grouped by eight intro and outro laser shows.

For the shows several RTI PIKO RGB 14 show laser lights, four high power fog machines and one hazer were used. The show laser systems were controlled through Phoenix Showcontroller with network control.

{imageshow sl=40 sc=8 /}
Our thanks go to Bocatec for providing these pictures:

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BeamNET Series - more than a Laser

Featured BeamNET EN

Laserworld recently published their new BeamNET Series. Unlike previous show laser lights, the BeamNET are pure effect solutions without beam deflection, but as extra strong single beam units. Two models with single beam output and three bar-style models with ten parallel beams each are available.

The BeamNET units were especially designed as easy-to-use solutions to provide additional effects to medium to large productions, stages and big shows, without the need of complex control and setup: All BeamNET systems can easily be controlled through DMX/Artnet and allow easy trigger of every single laser source. The BeamNET Series seamlessly integrates with any existing light show with every kind of common, modern light desks.
As the BeamNET addresses professional applications, the power supply was standardized – and all units get powered through a Power over Ethernet switch. This means: Only one LAN cable runs power and control signal to the units. No extra power supplies are needed!

BeamNET 10

The ten-in-one laser light bar is equipped with ten diodes, which are available in blue, green and red. They are aligned in ca. 10cm distance to each other and thus provide ten parallel arranged laser beams. Diefferent chaser effects are possible, as each diode can be controlled individually - chasers between different BeamNET units are possible too!

BeamNET Single

Two single beam models are available, in blue and RGB (white light). The blue version offers a static beam with an output power of up to 2 watts. The RGB / white-light system features a two axis servo driven position control, this helps in accurately positioning the beam. An on-board display provides quick setup options for each node without the need for additional external control.

More details:

]]> (Super User) Laserworld News EN Tue, 08 Apr 2014 04:09:00 +0000
Phoenix4 Software Update

News Phoenix update EN 280x80

The new Phoenix4 software update - version 4.2 - with many new features and further developments is available now and absolutely free of charge for all Phoenix clients!  Click here to get an overview ... 

 Phoenix released a new update for Phoenix4 software, supports the newest hardware and offers a lot of new functions and processing.

Phoenix4 laser control software is a software solution to control show laser systems as well as intelligent lighting fixtures. There are different Phoenix Showcontroller software packages available:  Phoenix Live, Phoenix PRO and PRO+.  
Phoenix Live fits perfect for all DJs/LJs/Live laser operators, as it provides massive features for easy live laser control. Especially for professional applications there are the timeline-based Phoenix PRO and PRO+. Despite of all various features all software versions are still easy and intuitive to handle.

The new update provides different processing and new features. Besides userfriendly installation, improved graphical output and better general output quality, Phoenix 4.2 supports all older interface, like Micro USB V1, Micro USB V2 and of course the new MicroNET network interface.

The PRO and PRO+ software update to Phoenix 4.2 improves the integration with Phoenix CAD software and MOTU Micro Express SMTPE interface. Furthermore the output quality was improved and the import of Pangolin LD2000 frames *.ldb, *lds is now possible. The installation of interface drivers is now automated which leads to a much smoother integration and increases usability.

Download the latest Phoenix software update (Live/PRO/PRO+) - version 4.2 - here:

Please note that if you are using the Phoenix Micro USB V2, you must download the latest firmware update for Phoenix. Find the download link here:

Comparison Chart of Phoenix4 Version 4.0 and 4.2:


Phoenix4 - 4.0

Phoenix4 - 4.2


Remap Interface dialog




Improved visual connection representation

Old interface firmware warning


For Phoenix USB Micro V2 interface

Licence dongle recognition


Improved for case that several foreign dongle are connected


Several files in folder

One file

P4 Live:



Online software updater

Disabled for maintenance


BPM function Mode 1

Restart of animation

Animation speed

MIDI control


Added Sparkle Rotary /
Improved MIDI-Out Slider

Autorun feature


Improved reliability for additional manual use

Zoom effect slider

Default: Small to big

Inverted: Big to small

Graphic: Convert to Points feature


Improved for more precise control

Custom image for key


Improved: Show on all keys

BasePicEditor: Graphic rotation


Added rotation tool

 BasePicEditor: Background Image inversion


 Invert colors of background image

 Lite licencse (OEM only)



USB Micro V2 setup menu item



Support Ticket menu item



USB Micro V2 uploader


6-Color / Intensity option

USB Micro V2 player settings


Improved channel activation

Output quality



Export of banks






Selectable laser for output



MediaConverter Live version



Show Mouse on laser



Multiframe Export (pff)



LD2000 Frame import


*lds, *.ldb import

Hardware check:



Supported interfaces

V1, V2, Net

V1, V2, Net, MicroNet

Interface information


Added firmware version V2

DMX-In display


Improved contrast

P4 Pro/ProPlus:



Animation editing


Improved cooperation
with Phoenix CAD software

SMPTE connection


Improved cooperation
with MOTU Micro Express

 DMX Timeline


 Separated process

 Timeline graphic optimization

 Necessary for single items

 Batch processing

 Output disabled warning



 Support ticket menu item



 Output quality





Improved support for
events e.g. LaserLoop

Library import


Import of LD2000 frames *.ldb, *.lds

Online software updater

Disabled for maintenance





Background mask


Black full screen mask




Interface driver installation

partly manual


USB 3.0 support

V1: Full, V2 partly

V1: Full, V2: Full

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prolight+sound 2014

Banner prolightsound 2014 280x80

Laserworld again was at the prolight+sound in Frankfurt and presented two different laser shows there. Use this link to see some pictures of the shows ... 

Like in the previous years Laserworld again had a huge booth at the prolight+sound 2014 in Frankfurt / Germany.
The booth area was split into two parts, the lasershow area and the consulting and exhibition area. Many customers, friends and interested visitors had the opportunity to get informed about the latest product innovations, like the RTI ATTO and FEMTO Series, to get in touch with the Laserworld team or to see our laser shows.
This year there were two different laser shows.

One show consisted of high end laser devices of the various RTI Series:

2 x RTI ATTO RGB 2.5

For a second laser show smaller devices have beend used:

2 x CS-1000RGB SE
4 x PRO-700RGB advanced
2 x SwissLas PM-1200RGB

{imageshow sl=39 sc=8 /}


]]> (Alexander Pokorny) Laserworld News EN Thu, 20 Mar 2014 01:09:00 +0000
Brand Festival with Katy Perry

News Infiniti Katy Perry EN 280x80

At the 'Infiniti Brand Festival' in the Beijing Indoor Olympic Stadium, 10,000 invited customers were fascinated by a fulminant event with Katy Perry. Read more ...

The 'Infiniti Brand Festival' was a spectacular event which took place in Beijing's National Indoor Olympia Stadium in January 2014. The Infiniti Motor Company, a luxury brand of the Nissan Group, invited more than 10,000 customers to experience this 2 hours lasting spectacle.
One highlight was the live performance of Katy Perry and other Chinese stars. The US star interrupted the promotion tour for her new album and performed in China for the very first time.
Our partner Bocatec was responsible to implement the laser and light equipment. More than 600 moving heads, 800m2 LED walls as well as 100 lighting effects have been implemented next to several stages.
For the six different laser shows Bocatec used i.a. several RTI PIKO showlaser systems. Altogether 10 laser lights with a total power of 200W were implemented.  6 high power fog machines and 6 hazer were necessary for the shows.

{imageshow sl=37 sc=8 /}

Our thanks go to Bocatec ( for providing these pictures.


]]> (Alexander Pokorny) Laserworld News EN Fri, 07 Feb 2014 01:09:00 +0000
New Product Brochure available!

New Laserworld Product Brochure

The new Laserworld Product Brochure is available now. Get an overview of our expanded product range and find many new products. Use this link to download the brochure.

]]> (Super User) Laserworld News EN Thu, 16 Jan 2014 12:01:00 +0000
New Payment Options

Payment Opitons Laserworld

We now provide the Maestro card as additional payment option in our online shop and we charge no payment fees neither for credit cards nor for Maestro cards. Visit our online shop.

]]> (Super User) Laserworld News EN Thu, 16 Jan 2014 08:01:00 +0000
Laser projections onto Table Mountain

Laserworld Laser Projections onto the Table Mountain 280x80

In honour of Nelson Mandela, our partner LaserX displayed images of the former President of South Africa onto Cape Town's Table Mountain and used RTI NANO Rainbow systems. Read more ...

In recognition of the recent passing of former President Nelson Mandela, LaserX for their client, the Western Cape Government, paid tribute to the great man by displaying his face and messages using laser, onto arguably one of the most famous projection surfaces in the world, Table Mountain in Cape Town / South Africa.

The images displayed on the mountain were projected from approximately 1 Km away with the image size being around 300m x 200m. The images used showed Mr. Mandela in the various stages of his life and were visible every evening until midnight from the 8th to the 16th of December.
The Gear: Laserworld's partner LaserX used 2 x RTI Nano Rainbow 36 with a typical output power of 38,000mW each. The laser lights were controlled by Pangolin Beyond.

LaserX is a well-known laser light show company in South Africa, with over a decade of lasing experience. Laserx specialises in laser lightshows from small to large, and have won international awards and been recognised globally as an innovative and creative company. From their base in Johannesburg, they service the whole of Southern Africa, and have done events all the way up Africa.

Our thanks go to LaserX for providing this image!

Laserworld Laser Projections onto the Table Mountain 640x360

]]> (Alexander Pokorny) Laserworld News EN Thu, 09 Jan 2014 01:09:00 +0000
Laser Installation in Bangkok

Laserworld Laser installation in Bangkok 280x80

RTI implemented a permanent laser installation on the Rama VIII Bridge in Bangkok, Thailand. The laser show tells in bright colors the story of the Thai King and the bridge. Read more ...

Laserworld's subsidiary RTI has implemented a permanent laser light installation on the Rama VIII Bridge in Thailand's capital Bangkok. Due to very high humidity and extreme temperatures, as well as the permanent vibrations on the bridge, special equipment was necessary. Therefore RTI was asked to do this job. 
RTI implemented following laser light systems:

1 x RTI NANO 4 RYGB 22   and
2 x RTI PIKO G10

The RTI NANO 4 RYGB has an output power of about 20,000mW, the single green laser light systems RTI PIKO G10 have an output power of about 10,000mW each. All laser lights were mounted inside a RTI COCOON climate housing. This climate housing was developed to protect laser systems against environmental impacts and to keep them at ideal operating temperatures.
The laser show tells the story of the Thai king and of the bridge itself. Inhabitants and tourist of the Thai capital can hear the story, told with laser lights, lights and audio, on tour boats passing the river.
The complete project was set up by Lighting & Equipment Bangkok.

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New Laserworld price list available

banner new pricelist 280x80 website

Laserworld has released a new price list with many new products at sensational prices. Click to get more information.

Before the end of the year 2013 Laserworld has released a new price list. Many prices have been reduced and new products were added to the product portfolio. 

Download the new retail price list here.

Please log in if you are registered and visit our dealer area to download your specific pricing. Log in here.

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30 Years Airport Würzburg

News Laserworld at Airport Wuerzburg EN 280x80

In 2013 the Airport Würzburg, one of the oldest German clubs for House and Techno music, celebrates its 30 anniversary. Click here to see the pictures of the birthday party...

The 'Airport Wuerzburg' is one of the oldest clubs for house and techno music in Germany. In 1983 the club has opened its doors for the very first time. Many of the parties which took place at airport's five floors are legendary. In 2013 the club has celebrated its 30 anniversary and arranged a huge party. Monbootica, DJ Sonic, Toni Rios, the Disco Boys and many other DJs were booked for this event.

Laserworld's partner Emotion Coburg did the complete installation and production.

The guys of Emotion Coburg used following laser light systems:

2 x SwissLas Purelight PL-4500RGB
2 x RTI PIKO RGB 6.5

The laser light systems were controlled by Pangolin BEYOND

{imageshow sl=22 sc=8 /}

Many thanks go to Emotion Coburg and for providing theses pictures

]]> (Super User) Laserworld News EN Fri, 08 Nov 2013 01:09:00 +0000
New Exhibition Dates

Laserworld Exhibitions 2014

The next year is getting closer and we will exhibit at many shows in 2014. Click here to check the dates. Further dates will follow soon.

]]> (Super User) Laserworld News EN Thu, 31 Oct 2013 01:09:00 +0000
Multimedia Show in Beijing

News Banner Birdnest EN 280x80

Thousands of enthusiastic visitors have seen 'Attraction' in the Bird's Nest in Beijing / China. Click here to see the pictures of this great event.

The 'Attraction' was a huge mulitmedia show, which took place in the former Olympic Stadium (called Bird's Nest due to its design) from 12.09. to 05.10.2013. After the Olympic Games in 2008 the stadium incorporates huge temporary show productions at regular intervals.
The story of the show is about a loving couple and the devil who wants to get the girl. The devil swipes away the colors of the world but finally the boyfriend beats the devil and brings back all the colors.
The complete inner part of the stadium was used as stage. The rear side of the stage was completely covered with LED sreens. Two huge hydro shields were used as flexible projection screens, each of them was 20 meters wide and about 8 meters high. Laser and video projections have been used to on these screens to enrich the story. All in all about 150 actors were involved.
The implementation of the mulimedia spectacle was mainly coordinated by Beijing New Space, specialized in these kind of projects and a long year partner of RTI.

For this mulimedia spectacle were following laser light systems used:

4 x RTI PIKO RGB 11.0

{imageshow sl=20 sc=8 /}

]]> (Super User) Laserworld News EN Tue, 22 Oct 2013 00:09:00 +0000
New Phoenix Laser Shows for free

News Banner Phoenix 280x80

Good news for all users of the software of Phoenix Showcontroller: Several new and professional laser shows can be downloaded for free!

Since Pangolin has bought Phoenix Showcontroller at the beginning of this year, the Phoenix software was further developed. One of the results are these new laser shows.
All new shows, including '3 Wizards', 'Pirates Decay' and 'Da Vinci' can be downloaded at the Pangolin Show Space Some shows support multi scanner output and some have been shown in the Laserword's showrooms.

Phoenix Showcontroller is a professional control software for show laser light. Since Phoenix Showcontroller has been sold to Pangolin, the software was improved and new updates are going to be release wtihin the next month. Pangolin Systems and Laserworld have a strong cooperation and Laserworld is exclusive distribution partner for Phoenix Showcontroller world wide.

Further developments on the Phoenix hardware devices are carried out by Laserworld too, so there are several new solutions to expect very soon.

]]> (Super User) Laserworld News EN Mon, 14 Oct 2013 10:09:00 +0000
Lake Festival 2013

Laserworld News Lake Festival 280x80

The Lake Festival is one of the largest one-day festivals in Austria: A great location, 20,000 excited visitors, top acts and Laserworld's high power.

At the Lake Festival at the Schwarzlsee next to Graz / Austria, many top acts like AVICII, Otto Knows, Nicky Romero and ALESSO, showed great performances.
Three stages, the Summer-Stage, the Moon-Stage and the KONTOR-Stage, were on the festival ground. For the Moon-Stage, which was placed in the Daviscup Hall the guys used one of our powerful rental devices:

1 x RTI NANO RGB 30R    

Our thanks for the pictures go to E-Tech Austria. (

{imageshow sl=18 sc=8 /}

]]> (Super User) Laserworld News EN Tue, 10 Sep 2013 10:09:00 +0000
New high performance net interface

Laserworld News MicroNet Slim 280x80

Laserworld releases the MicroNet Slim - a new high performance network interface for Phoenix Showcontroller.

Since Phoenix Showcontroller has been taken over by Pangolin beginning of 2013, the development of both software products has been harmonized and Phoenix Showcontroller was developed further. Parallel to the software improvements Laserworld developed an own high performance solution that brings Phoenix to a high professional Network control level: With the new MicroNet Slim it is not only possible to control standard laser light systems, but also high end projectors with more than three different colored laser sources (up to 6 color!) can be operated. The performing processor allows resolution of true 12 bit on both scan axis and scan speeds up to 150kpps.

Due to the great resolution color fading and slow movements can be displayed extra smooth and step-free.

The MicroNet Slim comes with an integrated SD Card and player, so standard ILDA frames can easily be played back. But of course the main control option is the Network control (standard Ethernet). Several Micro Net Slim boxes can be addressed from one control computer by simply using a standard network switch. For addressing the very MicroNet Slim interface, the respective IP address can easily be set with dip switches at the unit.

If Network control is not possible or necessary, the integrated DMX interface can be alternatively used to trigger the patterns on the SD card. This allows for seamless integration into existing lighting setups. The DMX signal can also be sent from the Phoenix software to the network interface, so the DMX Out at the interface can be used to control additional lighting or stage effects through the software too. The other way round it is possible to remote control the Phoenix software through the DMX IN at the MicroNet interface.

These multiple control variations make the MicroNet Slim a great solution for fixed installations and mobile use. The enclosure is very durable and it is possible to use two different power sources for the unit: Either USB power or an external 9V DC power adapter (included in delivery).
The MicroNet Slim is a true high performance network card for high professional requirements.  

MicroNet Slim Facts:

-    Full LAN compatibility, signal can be distributed through normal LAN switch
-    Flexible IP address setting: fixed address, DHCP, or AutoIP
-    12 bit resolution on x and y axis scanning
-    6 color control capable
-    SD-Card integrated
-    DMX IN, DMX Out
-    USB power or 9-24V DC power
-    Up to 16 devices can be used in parallel for multi projector laser shows

Find the MicroNet Slim in the Laserworld Shop

]]> (Super User) Laserworld News EN Fri, 06 Sep 2013 00:09:00 +0000
Exclusive Distributor for Pangolin

News Distributor in India 280x80 EN

Laserworld becomes exclusive distributor for Pangolin Systems Laser control software and accessories in India

Since September 2013 Laserworld became the exclusive distributor of Pangolin Systems products in India. The agreement was made and emphasises the excellent cooperation and business partnership between the two companies. “Pangolin is a great control solution for professional show laser light systems – and it complements our products perfectly. The Laserworld brand has a strong awareness in India and this exclusive agreement for the Indian market will help us to establish our high quality laser show products to the market even more…” says Laserworld Sales & Marketing Director Norbert Stangl. “The strategic importance of the Indian economy to the world is growing and we are happy to have such a strong and established partner helping us providing complete, professional solutions to our customers there.” Comments Gerry Frost, responsible at Laserworld for the Indian market.

The exclusive distribution agreement not only covers the well-known Pangolin products like the Pangolin Quickshow, Pangolin Lasershow Designer 2000 (LD-2000) and Pangolin BEYOND but also the latest hardware and safety developments of Pangolin, such as the special SafetyScan lenses, wide angle DiscoScan lens and several other product solutions.
The cooperation between Pangolin and Laserworld has become much stronger during the last two years. Pangolin took over Phoenix Showcontroller at the beginning of 2013 and with Laserworld already being exclusive distributor of Phoenix Showcontroller worldwide, the mutual benefits have reached a new level.
The quantity of show laser light control software sold is directly linked to the number of show laser light systems that are within the market globally. Laserworld, a rapidly expanding Laser manufacturing company, is a great match for Pangolin to increase the quantity of software sales in the marketplace.

The business growth in the Indian market makes it an exciting time for both Laserworld and Pangolin, with both companies looking forward to great success within this expanding market.

If you have any enquiries regarding Laserworld or Pangolin products, then please do not hesitate to contact us at:

]]> (Super User) Laserworld News EN Wed, 21 Aug 2013 00:09:00 +0000
Club Installation in Shanghai

News Banner M2 Club 280x80

Use this link and find the latest pictures of the M2, the very trendy club in the heart of Shanghai. Recently the M2 has been equipped with high end laser systems of RTI.

The Club M2 is a very famous and trendy club in downtown Shanghai / China. Now the M2 has an extra attration: high end laser systems of RTI. Our partner Bocatec has done the installation. Following items have been used:

3 x RTI PIKO 11.0 RGB
1 x 4m fog screen for laser light and video projections

The laser light systems are controlled by Phoenix with 3 network interface cards and with one APC 40 midi controller

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Laserworld @ eBay

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New: Laserworld @ eBay! At eBay Laserworld has a comprehensive remaining stock as well as special items. Click here to find the current eBay auctions.

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AUDI Ice & Snow Experience 2013

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The Audi Ice & Snow Experience 2013 was a spectacular event in China, 1,500 meters a.s.l. and at -30° C. A great performance, great cars and a very special laser show. Get more information here.

The FAW-VW Audi Sales Division China arranged a very special event in Changbaishan / China, about 1,500 meters a.s.l. and at temperatures at -30° degree: The Audi Ice & Snow Experience 2013.
About 500 visitors have seen the a spectecular car presentation of different cars of the Audi Q and Quattro Series. Laserworld performed a special show laser light graphics and beam projection show. The high power laser light systems have projected on a surface of artificial snow, which was made by special snow cannons.

Following laser light systems were used:


For the synchronization of laser show control & lighting setup a GrandMA console has been used, the laser show was controlled by Phoenix PRO+

Marbet, the professional event planning agency, did the whole organization and general planning.

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Company Event with Otto Knows

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This was a very special company party - only for the employees of that company. The party with DJ Otto Knows, accompanied by a live lasershow, took place in Tägerwilen / Switzerland.  Find the videos and pictures here.

This was a very special company party - only for the employees of that company. The party with DJ Otto Knows, accompanied by a live lasershow and laser light operator Mane, took place in Tägerwilen / Switzerland. The location was equiped with the technical equipment of J&C Veranstaltungstechnik, Constance.

Following rental laser light systems of Laserworld were used:

1 x RTI PIKO RGB 8.0
4 x SwissLas PM-1800RGB

The devices were controlled by Phoenix Live

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Beat Island 2013

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At the Beat Island Festival 2013 in Neunburg vorm Wald / Germany top DJs like DJ Antoine, Lumor, Charles Le Freak, DJ Wizzl and many others were on site.  Click here to watch the videos and to see the pictures.

At the Beat Island Festival 2013 in Neunburg vorm Wald / Germany top DJs like DJ Antoine, Lumor, Charles Le Freak, DJ Wizzl and many others were on site. The technical stage setup and operation were made by our partner Emotion Coburg.

They used following laser light systems:

2 x RTI PIKO RGB 6.5

The devices were controlled by Pangolin BEYOND.

Thanks go to Emotion Coburg for the videos and pictures.

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